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Friday night was a great night for racing, when the final round of box and no box it was Russell Terrill against Steven Wiech , with Steven coming off with the win. Congratulations to both divers.

Saturday was a points day, and the points race is pretty close in all the classes. Saturday winners are as follows

Tickled Pink Ink Design TCR: (W) Jeff Christy
(RU) Justin Yokum
Buckeye Mechanical Heating and Cooling JRs 8-12
(W) Emily Abruzzi
(RU) Nicolas Abruzzi
Buckeye Mechanical Heating and Cooling JRs 13-17
(W) Justin Greaver
(RU) Garrett Crum
Baker’s stump Grinding & Removal Bike & Sled
(W) Tom Madrin
(RU) Rick Poole

Salem Tire Street Cars: (W) Jerry Coblentz
(RU) Greg Klein

Mel’s Towing Modified : (W) Cody King
(RU) Tammy Gibson

Stadium Gm Top: (W) Albert Donnell
(RU) Lou Greco

There they are your winners from last weekend, congratulations to all the winners, a big thank you for the awesome turn out.

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