Winner’s for Saturday July 14

 In Results

Tickled Pink Ink Design TCR
Braden Mazzei (W)
Hunter Gentile (RU)

Buckeye Mechanical Heating and Cooling JRs 8-12
Braxton Sukosd (W)
Joshua Williams (RU)

Buckeye Mechanical Heating and Cooling JRs 13-17
Kyle Hughes (W)
Eddie Yorns (RU)

Salem Tire Street
Bobby Randolph (W)
Benjamin Van Fossan (RU)

Baker’s stump grinding and removal Bike/Sled
Rick Poole (W)
Tom Madrin (RU)

Mel’s Towing Modified
Chris “Bubba” Black (W)
Jeff Christy (RU)

Stadium Gm Top
Albert Donnell (W)
Mike Donnell (RU)

Index 7.0 series
Jenny Merrick Cree (W)
Ray Wade (RU)

Index 6.5 Series
Chris Bubba Black (W)
Mike Donnell (RU)

Index 6.0 Series
Tom Singer (W)
Mike Walker (RU)

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