5-10-5 RACE


2019 QCMP 5/10/5 race rules

Date July 12-14
Double Entries- Double entries are permitted. No more than 2 entrees per class, no car can run more than 2x per round regardless of class. All run 1/8 mile. Bye Runs- 1st round bye run will be awarded to the previous event winner or random draw. Subsequent bye runs will be awarded to the best R/T. Ties will broke by the package. In the event of an even pairing, the bye car has lane choice, unused byes do NOT carryover, but the driver is eligible to earn the bye run again. Re-entry- re-entry is during the first round only, and if time permits. Re-entrees will run each other 1 round, the winners advancing to round 2. Lane Choice- Drivers may not switch lanes after entering the staging lanes. Once the lanes run out of equal left/right paired cars, the remaining drivers will be paired front to back, and any late arrivals to the lanes must go to the tail end of the single file lane. The first car out has lane choice. After the head of staging, the dial in may not be changed, and must be displayed to the opponent. All drivers are to stage in a timely manner. Ladder- Pro ladder at 8 cars or less, paired by reaction time. There will be a new ladder each round. 150 cars minimum per class. In the event of short fields R/U, semis & round money are guaranteed, only the “win” is subject to prorating. If weather shortens a race, remaining payouts will be split amongst winners of the last complete round. Break- 2-minute rule to fire up to the ready line, after the ready line 30 seconds. The driver can switch cars (with race directors’ approval) up to re-entry round. In the case of breakage or race day is canceled entry fees revert to single day rates with the difference being refunded. Tech cards are non-transferable. Random inspections may be done at any time. Slew rate controls are expressly prohibited. Infractions my result in DQ, suspension, forfeit of entries and/or money. No Gold cards for entries. NHRA/IHRA Gold/Silver Cards are eligible for 1 free re-entry a day. Box class cross talk will be used. Door cars/open bodied cars will run separate the first three rounds. If in a single file door car runs a door car see lane choice. The last door car will run an open bodied car (only 1 bye run per round). No throttle stops. No-Box class- Foot brake and trans brake will run separate for the first three rounds then be combined. In the single file foot brake runs a foot brake see lane choice, the last foot brake car will run a trans brake car. 2 step stick cars will run with foot brake. Door cars and left steer roadsters only. Air/Electric shifter permitted. Deep staging honored.

For more info call AJ Fox 1-330-771-1534 or email him at karterfox03@yahoo.com Or Marty Marion 1-440-567-5693 or email him at mmarion1971@yahoo.com

You can also instant message us on the Quaker City Motorsports Park Facebook

For up to the minute text alerts text raceqcmp to 84483 and visit our website at www.raceqcmp.com

Friday Winner $5,000.00 R/U $1250.00 Semis $ 500.00 ¼ $100.00 1/8 $50.00 and 1/16 $25.00
Saturday Winner $10,000 R/U $2,000.00 Semis $1,000.00 ¼ $100.00 1/8 $100.00 and 1/16 $100.00
Sunday Winner $5,000.00 R/U $1250.00 Semis $ 500.00 ¼ $100.00 1/8 $50.00 and 1/16 $25.00

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Entry for the 3 day 5-10-5 race


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